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Find Your Buddha

Last update June 13, 2019


Hello from Japan, a Country of Harmony!

me Hi! My name is Chiharu. I'm a Buddhist, practicing a dharma system originated in Japan, based on the Mahaparinirvana Sutra.

Sorry if some of you may feel uncomfortable with those topics, but please loosen up because I have no intention of campaigning my belief or trying to force you into anything! The Buddhism I believe is not about "approving one and denying other" but it's about truly respecting different ways, views, and concepts, and blending all that into a better life or creation.

So, why this page? For one thing, Japan wouldn't be what it is today without the spiritual foundation created by Buddhism (or strictly, Japanese Buddhism). There would be no Japanese hi-tech, no sophisticated manufacturing, probably no Toyota, no Sony.

For another, those ideas based on Japanese Buddhism are too unique and inspiring to dismiss without sharing -- as something humans can possibly encounter. They are so diversified and compatible with any spiritual base. You can pick one and even integrate it into your daily thinking and doing things.

Therefore, you can consider this section as a casual mini-series about spiritual something based on what I believe and what I attain through my practice.

With all that said, what does the section title mean? Well, let's find out on this page.