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Japanese Food

Last update June 8, 2019


Ramen  らーめん, ラーメン/拉麺

Soup Noodles or Chinese-style soup noodles with toppings

ramen Generally, Japanese people are polite and gentle. But when it comes to Ramen shop masters, they can be rude and mean! Simply because their cooking is that super (of course, it's just nonsense if their food is as bad as their temper). Since many Ramen shops are a small one/two-people operation, the cook can be a waiter. Therefore, it can go like this: Customer: Excuse me. / Cook: No answer. / Customer: Excuse me (tries again), what do you have? / Cook: Can't you see? It's on the wall (menu)! Or they can even yell and throw people out for smoking or even wearing perfume, saying it would ruin the dish's smell and flavour. Yes, the chef is always right, not the customer, here. Anyway, Ramen is such a dish that makes people highly tolerant. They can wait in a long line and forgive the shop master's lousy attitude. But not all good Ramen shops are managed by ill-tempered souls, and actually, they are just a few. So be relieved and drop into one and take your pick from a wide variety: Tonkotsu (pork bone broth), Shoyu, Miso, or Shio (salt) soup type with toppings of Yaki Buta (barbecued and seasoned pork slices), Menma or Shina Chiku (fermented bamboo shoots), Negi, Moyashi and so on.
(Photo: Shoyu ramen with Negi and Yuzu Oroshi or Yuzu mixed Daikon Oroshi.)