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Japanese Food

Last update June 8, 2019


Sushi  すし, 寿司

Vinegar Rice or rice seasoned with vinegar

sushi Fancy the harmony of creamy Sashimi and the sweetish sour flavour of Shari (rice), half-soaked in Shōyu and a zesty hint of Wasabi? If so, then try some Nigiri Zushi, hand-formed nuggets topped with fresh Neta (toppings). Even if you don't care for raw fish, there are many other ways to enjoy Sushi. Chirashi Zushi is a festival item mixed with fine-cut ingredients such as carrot, Shītake (a kind of mushroom), Renkon (lotus root), Beni Shōga, and egg threads often prepared for Hina Matsuri (Japanese Doll Festival). It was my childhood favourite and used to visit both paternal and maternal grannies to taste two variations on local shine festival days. On my school picnic and sports festival days, mum used to make Maki Zushi or a Sushi roll wrapped with Nori and string-cut ingredients inside, as well as Inari Zushi (Abura Age-enveloped kind).
(Photos: A Nigiri Zushi set topped with various Sashimi ingredients.)