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Asu no Hyaku yori Kyō no Gojū

Last update January 5, 2020


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Take today's fifty instead of tomorrow's hundred.

Asu no Hyaku yori Kyō no Gojū


Words: 明日 Asu = tomorrow / no = genitive joshi particle / Hyaku = hundred / より yori = than: A than B --> B yori A / 今日 Kyō = today / no = genitive joshi particle / 五十 Gojū = fifty

Pronunciation: [ah-sue-noh-hyah-coo-yoh-rhee-kyoh-no-goh-joo] 

English Equivalent: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Notes: Future is uncertain; there's no guarantee you can get more than what's in front of you today.