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Atsu-mono ni Kori te Namasu o Fuku

Last update March 25, 2019


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Burnt the tongue with hot soup once, one will blow cold salad.

Atsu-mono ni Kori te Namasu o Fuku


Words: Atsu-mono = hot soup / ni = dative joshi particle / 懲り Kori = learn through a hard experience / te = connecting joshi particle / Namasu = a cold vinegar salad / o = accusative joshi particle / 吹く Fuku = blow

Pronunciation: [ah-two-moh-noh-knee-koh-rhee-teh-nah-mah-sue-oh-foo-coo] 

English Equivalent: Once bitten, twice shy.

Notes: If one has a painful experience by doing something, they will become extra cautious to the extent they may look ridiculous next time doing the same thing.