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Ichi-nan Satte Mata Ichi-nan

Last update March 25, 2019


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When one trouble's gone, another comes.

Ichi-nan Satte Mata Ichi-nan


Words: 一難 Ichi-nan = one misfortune (Ichi: one; Nan: misfortune) / 去って Satte = leave and (Sa-: one form of Saru = leave; te: connecting joshi particle) / また Mata = again or another example of something / 一難 Ichi-nan = one misfortune /

Pronunciation: [ee-chee-nah-n-satteh mah-tah-ee-chee-nah-n] 

English Equivalent: (Jump) Out of the frying pan into the fire. / Misfortunes never come singly.

Notes: It refers to describe the situation in which another follows one trouble. As soon as I recovered from my cold, I got this lousy rash all over my face. -- Too bad; it's Ichi-nan Satte Mata Ichi-nan, isn't it?