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U no Mane o Suru Karasu

Last update January 5, 2020


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A crow pretends to be a cormorant (and dives).

U no Mane o Suru Karasu


Words: U = cormorant (a bird like a pelican) / no = genitive joshi particle / 真似 Mane = copying; mimicking / o = accusative joshi particle / する Suru = do / Karasu = a crow /

Pronunciation: [woo-noh-mah-neh-oh-sue-roo-kah-rah-sue] 

English Equivalent: bite off more than one can chew / Cut your coat according to your cloth.

Notes: The message here says: Even if a crow tries to dive into the water and catch fish like a cormorant, it's impossible because the crow is not born like that; so don't try to be more than one can be.