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Maro Guide  Naturally, all women in kimono and this particular hairdo are not "Geisha". They must be trained in shamisen and traditional Japanese dance as well as other skills required as a high-end party entertainer in Japan. Only those with mastery of those techniques can become a geisha and trainees are called "maiko" (in Kansai) or "hangyoku" (in Kanto). By the way, a traditional Japanese bride wears beautiful uchikake kimono with a geisha-like hairstyle (normally a wig today). It's called Bunkin Takashimada and derived from the style worn by bushi class women. But alas! Young brides nowadays wear an occidental-princess-like curly style (and with that brown-dyed hair!) with kimono... Isn't this waste of our cultural asset!?

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Geisha Smileys (for color background)

Geisha1 Geisha2 Geisha3 Geisha4 Geisha5 Geisha6 Geisha7 Geisha8 Geisha9 Geisha10
Geisha1 small Geisha2 small Geisha3 small Geisha4 small Geisha5 small Geisha6 small Geisha7 small Geisha8 small Geisha9 small Geisha10 small

Geisha Smileys (for white background)

Geisha1 white Geisha2 white Geisha3 white Geisha4 white Geisha5 white Geisha6 white Geisha7 white Geisha8 white Geisha9 white Geisha10 white
Geisha1 white small Geisha2 white small Geisha3 white small Geisha4 white small Geisha5 white small Geisha6 white small Geisha7 white small Geisha8 white small Geisha9 white small Geisha10 white small


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