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Maro Guide  Japan has a galore of oranges. Unshu mikan is the most popular and easy-peeler people enjoy in kotatsu (foot warmer with a table) in winter and originated in Wenzhou, China; Iyokan is an extra juicy spieces from Ehime Prefecture; Kabosu from Oita Prefecture features abundant sour juice; Daidai is a bitter orange also used on New Year decorations; Hassaku from Hiroshima is hard-skinned but delicious with well-balanced bitterness and acidity; Yuzu is for a condiment and bath floats to promote blood circulation and so on...

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Orangy Smileys (for color background)

Orangy1 Orangy2 Orangy3 Orangy4 Orangy5 Orangy6 Orangy7 Orangy8 Orangy8-2 Orangy9 Orangy10
Orangy1 small Orangy2 small Orangy3 small Orangy4 small Orangy5 small Orangy6 small Orangy7 small Orangy8 small Orangy8-2 small Orangy9 small Orangy10 small

Orangy Smileys (for white background)

Orangy1 white Orangy2 white Orangy3 white Orangy4 white Orangy5 white Orangy6 white Orangy7 white Orangy8 white Orangy8-2 white Orangy9 white Orangy10 white
Orangy1 white small Orangy2 white small Orangy3 white small Orangy4 white small Orangy5 white small Orangy6 white small Orangy7 white small Orangy8 white small Orangy8-2 white small Orangy9 white small Orangy10 white small


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