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Maro Guide What does "Samurai" originally mean? According to a Japanese dictionary, it meant someone who did "saburau" (work as a private servant) for a noble person (aristocrat) and peviously pronounced "Saburai". By the way, there's another word "Bushi" to refer to them. Difference? Even the Japanese can't exactly tell, but I would say: Bushi is "a military man" while Samurai is "a warrior" hired by a lord. Here's a saying about Samurai:

Ese (=fake) zamurai (=Samurai) no katana (=sword) ijiri (fidget) Meaning? A coward Samurai fidgets with his sword. A poor gunman easily brandishes his gun.

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Samurai Smileys (for color background)

Samurai1 Samurai2 Samurai3 Samurai4 Samurai10 Samurai5 Samurai6 Samurai7 Samurai8 Samurai9
Samurai1 small Samurai2 small Samurai3 small Samurai4 small Samurai10 small Samurai5 small Samurai6 small Samurai7 small Samurai8 small Samurai9 small

Samurai Smileys (for white background)

Samurai1 white Samurai2 white Samurai3 white Samurai4 white Samurai10 white Samurai5 white Samurai6 white Samurai7 white Samurai8 white Samurai9 white
Samurai1 white small Samurai2 white small Samurai3 white small Samurai4 white small Samurai10 white small Samurai5 white small Samurai6 white small Samurai7 white small Samurai8 white small Samurai9 white small


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