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Last update February 8, 2024

Ads Placed in “Things About Japan”

“Things About Japan” (hereinafter “this site”) constantly enhances and improves the contents, but it is impossible to provide everything for everyone. Therefore, the site creator uses third-party advertising services (Google Adsense) to make it easier to quickly lead to third-party information and services or related products that this site cannot provide.

For the above reason, third-party services need to know the interest and needs of the viewers and, therefore, may use information (called “cookies”) related to viewers’ website access. The cookies do not include personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number.
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Use of Access Analytics Tools

For the purpose mentioned above, this site uses an access analysis tool called “Matomo Analytics” to collect traffic data, which is anonymous and not personally identifiable.

However, please note that the use of this tool helps the site creators enhance the contents and respond to the needs of site users.

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