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Wakazono Park

Last update December 23, 2019


A Rosy Elegance Viewing and Smelling Spree!
Colours, Shapes, Sizes... One Another Competing for its Glamour and Grandeur.
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Go and Flirt with Flowers!

Sorry for sounding banal, but stopping and smelling roses is exactly busy bees like you and me should do once in a while. When you have a sunny day next time, don't hesitate. Just close your shop for one day (Keep away from your PC!), slip into casual trousers and a sweater, snatch your jacket, grab your bag and jump on a train!

Yes, depending on the season, it may be the cherry blossom, azalea, hydrangea, sunflower, cosmos, camelia... you name it! Oh, but the rose, why can it be so gorgeous? So attractive, yet a somewhat inaccessible air it has, probably due to its thorns. This cruel glamour may be what makes the rose indeed rose, whatever name it may have.

Here we are, at the rose garden found within the park named "Wakazono Park", in Ibaraki City, located in the north of Osaka Prefecture, and between the cities of Kyoto and Osaka. The city built this garden to honour the flower of the city and hosts 150 species in approx. 2300 roots. The roses bloom in spring and autumn, and the garden is open to the public twice a year: early May to June and the middle of October to November.

Other Rose Gardens in Kansai

 Nagai Botanical Garden (
140 species in approx. 2600 roots. Open in spring and autumn. Other flower gardens including the lotus, hydrangea, peony, etc. are also available.

 Himeji Bara En (Himeji Rose Garden) (
Open from May to June and October to November.

 Suma Rikyu Park (
180 species in 4000 roots. Open from May to June and October to November. There are also other flower gardens.
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JR Ibaraki Station or Hanku Kyoto Line Ibaraki-shi Station --> Kintetsu Bus bound for Mizuo San-cho Me --> Get off at Wakazono Koen Mae Stop --> A three minutes' walk.