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Eda Mame

Last update December 31, 2020

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Eda Mame  えだまめ, 枝豆

Green Soybeans or young green soybeans in pods

japanese-food-edamame As a boiling summer day is coming to an end, several Sararii Man (company employees) would enter Izakaya (Japanese pub). “Hey, Irasshai! (Welcome!)” A high-spirited waiter greets them before they take seats. Soon someone comes to take orders. One of the customers asks the others, “What do you want?” The second person says, “Let’s see... how about beer?” Then, the third goes, “Hmmm... Not in the mood for beer right now. So let me think...“ Knowing the waiter is waiting for the order, the first one tries to wrap up saying “How about Toriaezu (For the time being or First of all) beer and we can take whatever we want later?” “A good idea!“ — everyone agrees. And one of them would add, “And some Eda Mame, too, please!” As one of the most popular Otsumami (a side dish for alcoholic drinks) for beer, it’s young green soybeans boiled (with pods) and served with salt sprinkled. Often chilled in summer, still a better way might be picking up a steam-hot pod and pushing beans out into your mouth!


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