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Things to Eat and Drink in Japan

Last update February 1, 2023

Japanese Food & Drinks

Everyone must’ve heard about Sushi, Tōfu, Sashimi, Tempura... Sure, they represent Japanese cuisine. But naturally, they are not all that Japan can give. Oden, combined with Atsukan (hot Sake) seeping through your Gozō Roppu (all organs in the body), would be the best bonus at the end of a freezing winter day. The mild bitterness found in Tempura of Tara No Me (angelica tree shoots) or Fuki No Tō (butterbur shoots) tastes like the arrival of early spring, which is almost addictive. Slurpy and slippery noodles like Tokoroten or Sōmen will freshen up your sweaty summer afternoon. And in autumn, as usual, people would crave the distinctive flavour of Matsu Take mushrooms, which are rather expensive. But roasted Ginnan (ginkgo) nuts sprinkled with some salt make a nice and cheap Otsumami for your beer. If you are curious enough, take a deep breath and try some Ume Boshi (pickled Japanese apricots) or Nattō (fermented soybeans) to see how your taste buds will react.

Abura Age/Aburage  Fried Tōfu
An  Bean Jam
Arare  Bite-Sized Rice Crackers
Atsu Age  Shallow-fried Tōfu
Azuki  Japanese Red Beans

Beni Shōga  Red Ginger Pickles
Bentō  Boxed Food

Bota Mochi  Peony Rice Cake

Cha  Japanese Tea
Chikuwa  Bamboo Ring Fish Sausage
Chimaki  Bamboo Leaf Rice Cake
Chirimen Jako  Whitebait Sprinkles

Daifuku Mochi  Big Fortune Rice Cake
Daikon Oroshi  Radish Sauce
Dango  Dumpling
Dengaku  Miso-Spread Baking
Domburi  Rice & Toppings

Eda Mame  Green Soybeans
Eho Maki  Lucky Sushi Roll

Fu  Wheat Gluten
Fuki  Japanese Butterbur Stalks
Fuki No Tō  Butterbur Shoots
Furikake  Sprinkles

Ginnan  Ginkgo Nuts
Gobō  Burdocks
Gohan  Rice
Goma Dōfu  Sesame Tōfu
Gyōza  Japanese Jiaozi

Hakusai  Nappa Cabbage
Harusame  Cellophane (Glass) Noodles
Hijiki  Black Sea Vegetable

Ichigo Daifuku  Strawberry Rice Cake

Kabayaki  Sauce-barbecued Fish Fillet
Kaiware Daikon  Radish Sprouts
Kakiage  Jumble Tempura

Kamaboko  Fish Cake on Board
Kanten  Seaweed Jelly
Kashiwa Mochi  Oak-Leaf Rice Cake
Kasutera  Castilla Cake
Katakuri Ko  Starch Powder
Katsuo Bushi/Kezuri Bushi  Dried Bonito (Flakes)
Kayaku Gohan  See Takikomi Gohan
Kikurage  Wooden Jellyfish
Kimpira  Julienned Root Vegetable Sauté
Kinako  Soybean Powder (Flour)
Kiriboshi Daikon  Dried Julienned Radish
Kombu  Kelp
Konnyaku  Konjac Cake
Kusa Mochi  Mugwort Rice Cake

Mame Daifuku  Bean Rice Cake
Mame Gohan  Green Peas Rice
Manjū  Mound-Shaped Cake

Mirin  Special Sake for Cooking
Miso  Soybean Paste
Miso Shiru  Soybean Paste Soup

Nanakusa Gayu  Seven-herbs Porridge
Nimono  Season-boiled Food

Ohagi   See Bota Mochi
Ohitashi  Boiled and Broth-soaked Vegetable
Osechi Ryori  New Year Cuisine

Rakugan  Dried Sweet Starch Cake
Ramen  Chinese-style Soup Noodles

Sake  Japanese Rice Wine
Sakura Mochi  Cherry Blossom Rice Cake
Shōyu  Soy Sauce
Soba  Buckwheat Noodles
Sukiyaki  Beef and Vegetable Pot Cuisine
Sushi  Vinegar Rice

Takikomi Gohan  Seasoned Ingredients-mixed Rice
Tempura  Battered and Deep-fried Food
Tōfu  Soybean Curd
Tsuke Mono  Japanese Pickles
Tsukudani  Soy Sauce and Sugar-seasoned Food
Warabi  Japanese Bracken Sprouts