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Beni Shōga

Last update December 31, 2020

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Beni Shōga  べにしょうが, 紅生姜

Red Ginger Root Pickles

japanese-food-benishoga When you take a seat at Gyūdon (Beef Domburi) or Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) Ramen restaurant, you’ll find a small transparent container filled with red (or pink) substance cut into fine pieces on your table. That’s Beni Shōga (Beni: red, Shōga: ginger), a queen of Japanese relishes. It’s for topping on your food and free. So you can take as much as you want (But adding too much would spoil the food. And more importantly, don’t take it out with you!). Or when you go out for a festival and buy any of Tako Yaki (octopus dumplings), Yaki Soba (sautéed noodles) and Okonomi Yaki (ingredient-mixed baked flour batter) at food stands, you can find it minced and sprinkled on the food. Just like any other condiments, it’s not the leading role but still stimulates many Japanese foods!
(Photo: Beni Shōga cut in pieces.)


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