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Last update July 6, 2022

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Sukiyaki  すきやき, 鋤焼(き)

Beef and Vegetable Pot Cuisine

japanese-food-sukiyaki As one of Nabe Ryōri (pot cuisine), it's for collective eating and a typical item for Bōnen Kai (Year Closing Party) or Shinnen Kai (New Year Welcoming Party). While people are chatting over drinks picking up some small Otsumami (side dish), a voluntary cooking hero (called Nabe Bugyō or Pot Governor) will start to grill beef slices, season them with sugar and Shōyu, put other ingredients such as Tōfu, Neghi (Welsh onion), Konnyaku, Fu, Shunghiku (vegetable chrysanthemum), Maronī (a kind of glass noodle) and Mochi (rice cake) in an appropriate sequence (Pot Governor can be very specific about this!). When the governor gives a green light, it's done and time to eat. Usually, ingredients are dipped in stirred raw egg, which makes the taste richer. Since eating is from the same pan, slow eaters should be a bit warned: Make haste or take whatever you want before gobblers do! Lastly, when most of the contents in the pan are gone, here comes Udon (a type of noodle). Your Bugyō will order more broth (for no extra charge) and start cooking again.
(Photos: Home-made Sukiyaki with Nano Hana or salad flower instead of Shunghiku.)


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