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Mame Daifuku

Last update December 31, 2020

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Mame Daifuku  まめだいふく, 豆大福

Bean Rice Cake or a rice cake sprinkled with beans and filled with sweet bean paste

japanese-food-mame-daifuku Along the Kawara-machi Street in Kyoto, there’s a traditional Wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop with long lines of fans. Named Demachi Futaba (see the map), the shop’s best-seller is Mame Daifuku (Daifuku sprinkled with beans). Of course, you can get the sweets almost in any Wagashi shop. Once you get one, enjoy it slowly. First, feel the weight of full-bodied An inside and let your stomach expect what’s coming. Next, take a bite and experience how your teeth sink into the silky smooth dough and the filling. Then comes the elegant starchy sweetness of An, combined with salty red beans (or peas) embedded scatteringly around the surface. If you are in Kyoto and have a fancy for the product at the above shop but want to avoid long lines, try to be there first thing in the morning (it’s open at 8:30). Or there’s a rumor that it’s also available at the department store within JR Kyoto Station.
(Photo: Mame Daifuku purchased at Demachi Futaba, Kyoto.)


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