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Last update December 31, 2020

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Cha  ใกใ‚ƒ,ใ€€่Œถ

Japanese Tea

japanese-drink-cha Here’s a tip: Use this word with the prefix o- (to add politeness) and say “O-cha”, like “Ocha O Nomu” (Drink tea). But when we say “xxx tea” as in “green tea”, we use it without the prefix and say “Ryoku Cha” (green tea). Talking about Ryoku Cha, there are several types, depending on the materials and process. To begin with, powdered green tea used for tea ceremonies is Maccha and also an ingredient of sweets. Then, Sen Cha is made using early young tea leaves and Ban Cha, using late tea leaves. There are also Genmai Cha, roasted Ban Cha mixed with popped brown rice grains and Hōji Cha, roasted green tea. If you are interested in a high-end green tea, there’s Gyokuro, the first-class Sen Cha product. And when you’ve had enough of green tea, try some Mugi Cha (barley tea), Soba Cha (buckwheat tea), or Kuromame Cha (black soybean tea).
(Photo: Sen Cha served in Yunomi, a Japanese tea cup.)


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