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Last update July 3, 2022

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Kakiage  かきあげ, かき揚げ

Jumble Tempura or ingredients-mixed Tempura

japanese-food-kakiage Sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, Gobo, small shrimps... All ingredients are deliciously mixed, bundled and fried as one piece inside a Koromo (batter). You can enjoy it by directly pouring a little Shōyu (soy sauce), or dip in Ten Tsuyu (Tempura dip sauce). But it also makes a fancy topping for Udon or Soba noodles. Floated on the noodle Tsuyu (soup), it gradually starts to get moist, blended with the elaborate sweet taste of the soup, while you are slurping the noodles. You can quickly pick up and bite a still crunchy portion of Kakiage before it becomes too soggy. Soon strips of ingredients are released from the confinement of Koromo as the latter begins to melt into Tsuyu. The taste created at the moment is like a perfect blend of Tsuyu, ingredients and the pleasant oiliness of Tempura. Placed on a bowl of rice, it turns into gorgeous Kakiage Domburi.
(Photo: Kakiage of carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and so on.)


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