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TooBen Haiku Gallery

TooBen Haiku Gallery   Japanese haiku spirit. Simplicity is elegance. Implicitness can speak louder. Let nature reflect you. Merge yourself into ideas and things. Contemplate yourself through a wabi-sabi perspective.

TooBen Creative Writing Based on English-Japanese Translation

TooBen Creative Writing Based on English-Japanese Translation   If you are a buyer of translation, especially in the field of creative contents production, you probably know sometimes writing should go beyond ordinary translation. But it’s hard to find someone who can do and really can make difference, is it?

Things About Japan

Thigns About Japan   OK. Japan is no more an economic giant, and its sun holds its sinking position for decades. But it’s still there in a world map stoically poised in whatever condition, earthquake, tsunami, storm... you name it. Humbly hanging in the western sky, its sun will (hopefully) never set in. Contents available in English and Spanish.

Flowers in Bloom

Flowers in Bloom  Difference floras in different parts of the globe, but the beauty of flowers is universal. Flowers in Japanese mountains, fields and roadsides amature-pictured shown combined with amature-composed haiku poems (namely by me!).

Sites in Japanese

Eigo Zakakya (Lit. English in Galore)

English Zakkaya  An English learning site for Japanese featuring various resources and learning tips based on the administrator’s on-the-job experience and self-taught learning.

Sala de EspaƱol

sala de spanish  A Spanish learning site for Japanese, including various resources also created to maintain the author’s motivation to keep in touch with the language.

Hiji Sampo

Hiji Sampo  Short for Sampo (leisurely walk) of Hijiyan, a great lover of nature exploration and trekking shares his weekly mini adventures.


Think Beyond Translation

TooBen Creative Writing Based on English-Japanese Translation
TooBen Creative Writing Based on English-Japanese Translation
Let me be blunt... Westerners speaking Japanese sometimes sound unnatural and even condescending. Well, it’s not about actual talking, but translated pitch talk voiced over the original English-speaking (or sometimes based on other European languages) TV commercials. To many Japanese viewers, the speakers speak too much, combined with hyperactive body language (so it looks at least for the Japanese). It’s simply not how and what they talk. In commercial brochures, too, similar things do happen, and it may mostly attribute to word-for-word, sentence-for-sentence translation. So, let’s think beyond ordinary translation. Find More -->

Make a Difference with Dazzlingly Attractive Presentation Deck!

Creative PowerPoint Presentation
PPT Design Appealing to the Japanese Mind A boring presentation can kill the chance. What’s worse, such boring presentation decks can walk alone among hands absent in the sessions. Some rational minds may think, &ldquot;Just give me the whole fact, only the fact, nothing but the fact. No personal touch, no colors, no decoration whatsoever!&rdquot; But business presentations are not legal procedures. You can make it unique, personal, and fun! Just like body language can significantly help your communication, why not let font colors and sizes, arrows, cool imagery enhance your presentation?

Basic Rate
Template Design Min. JPY 10,000
Appeal Page Min. JPY 5,000/Page
Other Page Min. JPY 3,000/Page

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