Things About Japan
Things About Japan

Last update November 23, 2023

Things About Japan


Late autumn in Japan

autumn leaves
still a painter
even after the fall

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Eating Experience That’s More Than Eating.

Forget about workaholics at your office gobbling up instant noodles. In Japan, eating should be more than just filling your stomach. It’s an all-sense engaging activity to experience food. Explore the distinctively natural taste of food while savouring its condensed seasonal sensations. Click an image to learn about the food, or here for the index.
japanese food sakuramochi edamame ramen
sake sushi sukiyaki

In Quest Of A Wabi-Sabi Spirit

Tired of bustling spots filled with all Harries and Sallies? It’s time to experience a little bit of Wabi-Sabi at some unknown places. You don't need famous big temples to taste this minimalistic serenity. Because Wabi-Sabi is to appreciate the “less” positively. Click the image to learn about the spot, or here for the list.

ikkyuji temple in Japan kabusanji temple in Japan
miyama village in Japan otokuni temple in Japan

Flower Lovers Are Not True Villains

You too must love flowers. Actually, hard to find those who hate them. Love for flowers has no boundaries, and many temples in Japan are famous for their specific flower gardens. Temples of peony, hydrangea, azalea, iris to name a few. Click the image to learn about the flower spot.

wakasono rose park in Japan yoshimine temple in Japan
nagaoka tenmangu shrine in Japan otokuni temple in Japan

Strolling Kansai

Ryoanji Temple

If you visit Ryoanji Temple, never fail to step inside the building and sit on the Engawa floor to contemplate that famous rock garden. You may only see some rocks placed on the carefully-combed grainy ground. You may feel nothing special. Or you may hear a background buzz of a guide explaining to their attendees how you can’t see only one of the fifteen rocks from wherever you may be. But if you are patient and spend more time emptying your mind for a while, you may feel a unique cosmos revealing itself—a zen moment!

Otokuni Bamboo Forest

Despite the chagrin of its main street dwellers, Kyoto is not only about their neighbourhoods. Hence the Otokuni region comprising the cities/towns of Ōyamazaki, Muko, and Nagaoka can legitimately claim their version of Kyoto culture. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, for example, allegedly originated from the district. No wonder the area is famous for top-quality bamboo shoots in Japan. The photo shows rolls of straw farmers will use to carpet the soil, preparing for next season’s harvest.

Seasonal Haiku

By Matsuo Bashō

tabi ni yande
yume wa kareno o
lying sick on a journey
dreams, trot through
withered grass fields

Note: The photo for inspiration.
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